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"My doctor referred me after a low back injury that left me without the ability to walk around or even turn over in bed.  Over time working 1:1 with Jaye, I was surprised to find that I was gaining strength and stability beyond what I had before my injury.  This specialized program is more than just a rehabilitative tool, it is the center of your recovery, your social connection and a bright light in a difficult time.  Thanks, I could not have achieved the success I have now without it."

Jennifer Woodall

aquafitness instructor mentorship program

You've taken the course - Now What?  This program will help bridge the gap between classroom and actually teaching time.  These sessions [how many?] will have participants shadow and team teach with a certified aquafitness instructor.  These sessions will focus on design of a class, building movement blocks, and constructive feedback will be provided along the way to becoming an aquafitness instructor.
Standard First Aid CPR C with AED
Lifesaving Society 1st Aid and CPR  provides comprehensive training of first aid treatments for medical emergencies and injuries.  Our 16 hour course will have participants perform CPR and choking procedures for Infant, child and adult victims. Lifesaving Society Standard 1st Aid is recognized by Workplace Safety and Insurance Board [WSIB] and the Ontario Health Regulations. Recertification requirements are every 2 years.  Competency is assessed by a multiple choice test and hands on practical during session time.

Standard 1st Aid CPR certs

Let us come to you for your organizational needs or join us for one of our booked events.

Standard First Aid CPR C Recertification with AED
This 8 hour recertification are for those participants who currently hold a Lifesaving Society Certification. This course provides a comprehensive review of medical emergencies and injuries.  Participants will perform CPR and choking procedures for Infant, child and adult victims.  Candidates must bring proof of certification otherwise they must register for the FULL Lifesaving Society Standard First Aid with CPR C.  Competency is assessed by a multiple choice test and hands on practical during session time.
CALA, Canadian Aquafitness Leaders Alliance. Vertical Water Training,
prerequisite for other CALA specialty certifications.
This comprehensive 20 - 24 hr course is designed to include Active Theory, Practical Application through experiential learning.  It will provide you with the knowledge and confidence in pursuing your goal. Competency is assessed through a 2.5 hr open book exam which is to be booked at a later date.
AquaStretch TM
AquaStretch  is a hands-on holistic myofascial release technique that uses buoyancy, weighted resistance to produce outstanding results from athletic performance to rehabilitation.


CALA, Group Aquafitness 
This 16 - 20 hour course offers extensive theory & in-class practical training. Competency is determined in two stages: a written assignment and a practical 30 min assessment which will be booked at a later date.
Leadership Skills Tutorial
Preparing for Bronze Cross, Standard First Aid or NLS course/exam?  Need extra help?
​Private/Semi Private Swimming Lessons
Individualized 1:1 swim lessons from beginners to advanced stroke correction.  Whether you're young or young at heart, swimming lessons benefit everyone.  Programs tailored to suit or to prepare for either Lifesaving Society or Red Cross.
​Aquatic Personal Training
Achieve results and meet your goals.  Whether it's cross training for high performance enhancement, the fitness enthusiast, or if you're just starting out, we will design a program specifically to meet your needs.

pools within the city are used for programs.

Options: Live in an apartment or retirement facility that has a pool?  Have a swim spa or pool at home? Enjoy the convenience of us coming to you!  Take advantage of your schedule and we can customize times that work into your day.


Group Aquafitness Classes See locations.
Types of classes:

Variety of Aquafit classes & Common Conditions: ie. Arthritis  

aquatic rehab sessions

This comprehensive therapeutic approach that effectively uses aquatic exercises to achieve optimal movement and enhance functional potential in clients. Our goal is to create a safe, effective transition from the health care environment to functional daily living and for the client to take an active role in their recovery to enhance their quality of life.

1:1 or small group sessions

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