Happy New Year to everyone. I hope this finds you well. 
I’m very excited about new possibilities and opportunities as we all head into 2016. 

As some of you know, I’m generally pretty healthy in terms of what I eat and in terms of working out. What some of you may not know, that over the last 2-3 yrs I’ve had to overcome some health challenges. A few months ago, I decided for me, it was time to experience more clarity, have more energy, and less fatigue. During this time, by using a complete nutritional rebalancing system, I started to experience positive results. By sharing the same system with my friend Alex,I got really excited about the changes she achieved in the last 30 days. And with her permission, I’m sharing those photos. Her health changes are amazing. 
Now I’m motivated to share with more friends as I continue on my journey and get full control of my health using a 30-day nutritional cleansing with one on one coaching/support. [I’m NOT talking about a cleanse where you can’t leave the house.] This is effectively preparing the body for a healthier state. 
I’d love to have some of my friends join me on this journey so we can hold each other accountable and together get the healthiest we’ve ever been. 
Here are some thoughts; Imagine looking and feeling your best? What if we became more focused and stronger? To the athletes imagine enhancing your game.  Imagine reaching our goals together. Love to hear from you. Let’s get this started!

                           Athlete Varsity swimmer: alex

As an athlete on the university varsity swim team, Alex was getting discouragedas she saw her weight climb due to stress and incorrect eating habits.   She loves swimming but found herself not liking the direction she was heading.  After speaking with Alex and deciding what goals she wanted to achieve, Alex was put on a program that allowed to get the nutrition athletes need while training but also allowed Alex to lean out.  After 30 days, Alex is over the moon about her physique and how her training and recovery time improved.  Alex continuous improves and maintains herself on our nutritional rebalancing systems. 


  • more energy

  • clarity of thought

  • balanced mood  

  • better sleep

  • weight loss

  • improve & maintain lean muscle 


Like many moms with a new addition to the family, thoughts of not feeling attractive, discouragement when looking in the mirror and even worse, that harsh judgement can be overwhelming.  The longing to recapture that figure, that energy and that zest can be the motivating factor to find something new.  

A health program has to be easy and simple.  It has to be something that tastes great and gives energy for a mom on the run.  Results have to be visible and super healthy.  Oh, and yes, it has to fit the budget.

Imagine seeing those results, feeling that confidence, having that energy and saying thanks to each and every compliment.  What an Impact!                                              Photo: Jenelle

                     Healthy aging

At 70 yrs young, Donna, a breast cancer survivor and Dragon Boater,  wanted to lose a little of that 'extra" that just seemed to hang on.  After 60 days, Donna went down 2 pants sizes and 20 inches in total.  Donna is determined to continue to reach her comfortable weight. She's excited to say she's down from a size 18 to a size 14.  WAY TO GO DONNA!


* Greater Recovery Time

* Reduced Inflammation

* Improved Performance 

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renewing goals after the holiday season

When you realize - "Boy that was a good time with family and friends over the holidays."  Now what?  Sharon, a fitness enthusiast, aqua fitness instructor and yogi, was excited to learn about our nutritional rebalancing solutions. She discovered INCREDIBLE ENERGY, Focus and leaned out after 60 days!  Her husband was WOWed and he wanted the same energy and results.  What a great and inspiring duo!