Below are links to extensive research supporting the use of water for healing and for fitness conditioning.

    class schedules  

   Jaye: Teaching Aquafitness Classes

   Mon / Wed/ Fri:  Special Aqua Summer Hours

                   10 - 11am University of Guelph

   Mon:  Oodles of Noodles: 12noon - 1pm

   Wed: HIIT [High Intensity Interval Training]

             12noon - 1pm, Uof G

    Fri: Aquatic Bootcamp 12noon - 1pm, UofG


   Tamara: Teaching Aquafitness Classes

​        Classes at Fairview Centre for Health & Wellness


The following was a study on the effects of aquatic exercise on ankylosing spondylitis.  The study compared a land based program and a water based program over several weeks.  The conclusion: the water based program provided greater results in reducing pain and improved quality of life.  :0)

water works!!

H2O Works Canada Linking Research 
The aquatic environment has broad potential, extending from treatment of acute injuries through health maintenance with those dealing with chronic conditions and individuals seeking to cross train yet it remains an underused modality.