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Interested in why water is a phenomenal medium to get treated or cross train in? Searching for published studies & research information on diseases and/or training in the water? View photos of who we are and what we do. 

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At H2O Works Canada, a personalized plan for either yourself or your workplace can be developed to suit  your needs or your organizations'. We'll review what to expect and explain every step [or splash] all of the way.

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Together we have over 28 yrs experience. We offer effective personalized services with safety as a high priority. Our qualified staff can help you get started. 

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                   is a water based Health and Wellness Provider and Educator. This website will provide you information on our water exercise programs, aquatic rehab sessions, 1st Aid and CPR Certifications and Aquafitness Certifications. Browse our popular aquatic topics, articles, photos, and the latest and upcoming events.

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Looking for a career change OR adding to your current credentials?  Become a aquatic fitness instructor or achieve your 1st Aid & CPR requirements. Our Mentorship Programs can assist in success of your journey.

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Imagine breezing into Spring with more energy, less stress, down a dress size or fitting into those dress jeans just right. Learn how easy it is to become the best version of you!

H2o Works Canada in Guelph


Integrate Yoga Poses & Stretches into Your Aqua Classes.   8 hour Clinic,  Malton Community Centre, 3540 Morning Star Drive, Mississauga, ON L4T 1Y2 

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